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Horrible torture to the environment

by Rosa

This is horrible. Stop Polluting the Environment!!!

This is horrible. Stop Polluting the Environment!!!

I can't even go for a walk down the road without witnessing trash and horrible things that people are to lazy to throw away themselves. Animals die because of certain things that are not meant to be eaten by them.

Barry's Response I know. I used to feature a picture of a littered stream with a dead pig in it on this site a few years ago, but pulled it because it was quite disgusting. It's back by popular demand now.

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by: Anonymous

I cannot understand the thinking of a human being and how he would survive in the polluted environment. I have learn that the world as we know would come to an end very soon and the entire human species will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. I believe that is not a bad idea and without human beings Nature can prosper again.

our thanks
by: Anonymous

The picture of that polluted water was not a pretty site. the picture shows what the world is turning into. Thank you for showing the picture to us and fellow students.....thank you.

Tragedy for our Children
by: Olivia Brooke

I agree with you. I have young children, and I wonder what will they see when they are older. We've got to take a stand against people trashing nature. It looks gross, it's killing animals and plants, and it makes me sick. I hate it. Can we not provide a cleaner environment for ourselves and for those who come after us.

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