I have something to say

by William
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Patterns of deforestation

Patterns of deforestation

I love tropical rainforests even though I have never been to one. I'm hoping to go to one in the future. However, I will not be able to do that if deforestation continues.

Whoever thinks trees are free cash, they are wrong! The trees are life. Come on people, take some action against deforestation!

Barry's Response - Or at least do so in a controlled way in which replenishment is required. Good point, William.

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We can all talk the talk, We need to walk the walk
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha William:

I also hope you can see a rain forest. I have lived in or around them most of my life and they are beautiful as long as most humans stay out of them. Keep doing what you're doing, making noise, talking to people.

We all can make a difference. I find that doing things in your own neighborhood can help to improve life for the voiceless CHILDREN, WILDLIFE, NATURAL WATERWAYS, STORM DRAINS and that will make more people listen to you about other places. I also find that Storm Drains everywhere are being used as garbage cans by many unknowing or uncaring people.

If you could start getting others in your area to put messages on storm drains (they our life's blood), that's one way to help. The drains empty into our natural waterways, carrying everything left on our road ways into them.

Much of the waste taken is not biodegradable and has toxic effects and you have a big job in your home town. Making a difference there will open more eyes and ears everywhere and I'm closer to the tropical rainforest thsn you are. I'm also doing my best to wake up the unknowing or I-don't-care people, talking to children at schools about storm drains and what they do (many kids and adults don't know).

I'm sure you do, they take the flood waters away from where we don't want it sitting around, but they need to be cleaned often. Garbage that is dumped into them accumulates and causes them to back up and flood the waste back into our streets and developed areas, including our utilities. Fish and plants live at the end of these storm drains.

Protect the storm drains and we start to save our water and all living things. We all have the potential for changing the world. It sounds like your one of us. What we learn from one, might help us with another.

Health and Happiness to you and yours.
Every Little Bit Hurts.
With Aloha Gerry aka KOTO one of the keepers

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