our destroyed waters

by curlytop

Help this little guy

Help this little guy

We use these waters as important resources and have no respect for the health of organisms that live in them. We don't care for it. We are not only effecting our selves but all aquatic life. We are acting heartless towards our waters.

Everybody open your eyes. I'm only 14 and I see what were doing to our beautiful world. Please stop polluting. We don't care about the unfortunate people who have no choice but to use it! Please help our waters.

Barry's Response We need to demonstrate greater caring overall. You said it, CT.

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We can all do our part
by: KOTO

Aloha Curlytop:

You're the kind of person we need to help us wake up adults and teach the children well. You can start in your neighborhood with the street drains where the storm water goes.

Too many people either don't understand what a storm drain is for or just don't care. This system of drains, in many ways, is our life's blood. They are put in place to deliver rain water directly back to our environmental water cycle so that our roads, streets and homes don't flood.

The problem is that people use them to get rid of unwanted things like cigarette butts, Styrofoam and other man-made waste, and this garbage ends up contaminating the waterways.

One thing you can start doing today is talking to your local media or start your own stenciling, next to the storm drains, placing messages on them like (NO GARBAGE, GOES TO OUR DRINKING WATER) OR (KEEP OUR STORM DRAINS CLEAN) - what ever works for where you live.

One major problem is that movies show actors flicking their cigarette ends into the streets and parks or wherever, and people think that is just a way of life. They appear to do this not knowing they are killing things. When it rains or the wind blows the butts find their way into our waterways.

They are toxic and kill much of our water life including fish, frogs, dolphins, turtles, water birds and many more. They can also choke a baby to death or make them very ill if successfully ingested. We need to wake up the smokers that flick their poison as each butt takes up to 12 years to decompose.

You are the perfect age to start your a great contribution towards the saving of our waterways.

May the force be with you and Happy Holidays.

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