I liked the movie becase it was informative and intelligent

by H. Rider
(Tempe, AZ)

We're all on thin ice

We're all on thin ice

What I really liked about the movie is that is was well written and it flowed quite well. I was amazed that Gore wasn’t boring like he was in the presidential debates and I actually paid attention to the graphs and charts he was pointing to.

He cracked a couple of jokes and it helped with the overall tone of the film. Additionally, Gore does a very good job of clarifying myths associated with global warming and explaining the scientific evidence in a way that is easily understandable to someone who isn’t a rocket scientist.

I think the part of this movie that will make people pay attention to this issue is the plight of the polar bears. The polar bear is likely to be extinct within the next 5o years because of global warming!

This film isn’t as depressing as you might think. Gore mentions that while global warming cannot be reversed, per se, it can be slowed and we can counteract some of the negative things we’ve done to the environment by planting trees and making small changes in our everyday lives.

The topic of global warming isn't that interesting, and a movie about it doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but I watched the entire movie and learned quite a bit about global warming that I didn’t know. I try to lively an eco-friendly lifestyle, but picked up more tips from this movie about other things I can do to help with the global warming problem.

I think everyone should see this movie.

Barry's Response - Yes, H., everyone should. Inconvenient Truth gives a good overview of global warming.

Search this site for more information now.

It's awesome to see someone watching Al Gore's climate change documentary and enjoying it!

Like finding a hidden gem in a pile of rocks. Although Gore wasn't the most captivating speaker during those presidential debates as you pointed out, he really shines in this movie.

How about those jokes he cracked? That's like adding a pinch of humor to a serious lecture - it keeps you interested. Plus, who knew graphs and charts could be so interesting? It's like a blockbuster math movie!

Next thing you mentioned was polar bears. They're like the poster children for climate change, and their story really tugs at your heartstrings. We need to wake up to the idea of them going extinct because of global warming.

Here's the best part: despite the heavy topic, the movie didn't make me feel depressed either. We can slow down global warming by planting trees and making small changes in our lives, according to Gore's message of hope.

Hey, I get it - global warming isn't everyone's cup of tea. I'm proud of you for sticking with it and learning something new. Like discovering a new hobby, you're all in, and you want to help.

Yeah, I agree with you. Everyone should watch this movie. It's like a rollercoaster ride through climate change - unexpected, educational, and, most importantly, worth every minute.

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by: Anonymous

This seems like an interesting movie and it is one that I'm going to enjoy watching and telling people about. I did not know some of the facts that where presented and it sounds interesting.

From Barry - It's a compelling and unique story because of the way it's presented. There's a new perspective on the topic, and it's likely to be entertaining and thought-provoking.

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by: Anonymous

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From Barry - There's some helpful info in the link that you might find helpful. Those insights or tools could help you achieve a goal or solve a problem. See if the content is relevant to you by taking a closer look.

Too bad it's fiction....
by: Lazlong

Gore lied straight up and throughout this movie. Even the Climate Scientists that he quoted that think global warming is happening says that he stretched and distorted their work. Gore has failed everything he has attempted and he is bitterly clutching for glory with this false, distorted, mockery of science. Maybe he could do more to stop his global warming by not jetting around so much, turning off a few lights in his mansion, or stop opening his mouth so much. All create a lot of hot air.

From Barry - Many climate scientists discredit his work and message because he doesn't present the data accurately and disregards scientific integrity. In addition, his own lifestyle of excessive jet-setting and energy consumption undermines his message about reducing carbon emissions.

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