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Music to grow by

Music to grow by

I did this science fair project where I tested whether plants grew better with classical music. It was a great learning experience that I loved all along the way. Everyone in my class was able to get into this experience. I would recommend this project to everyone.

Barry's Response - I'm still wondering, Chris. Do plants grow better in the presence of classical music?

So how are plants affected by music? The ideal experiment would have different types of music in the lab for different plants to grow by. Make sure they are in separate rooms so the there is no cross contamination from one to the next.

Also have a control room, where there is no music at all. Above all, make sure all other conditions such as temperature, water and light are equal.

Log or photograph the progress of these plantsplants on a regular, perhaps daily, basis. Who wins? Most results I have seen from an experiment of this sort showed that plants in a classical music environment did best, those with no music second and those with rock did most poorly.

Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix kills plants, claimed one experimenter. They turned away from the speakers while they could, apparaently.

For those who think this is a load of fertilizer, well, it turns out that in a 2001 Oxford study, according to one reporter, classical music worked better for the plants' health than...fertilizer.

I wouldn't kid you.

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