indoor chemical pollution

by Rick
(New York New York)

diazinon insecticide

diazinon insecticide

I have a problem with indoor chemical pollution. I sprayed some diazinon in the basement of my house about a week ago. I still feel a heavy feeling in my chest and am worried that the chemical is in the air and causing the problem. Who can I call to check the air for this.

Barry's Response - Rick:

Here is a bit of a rundown on the stuff:

It's a chemical pesticide used for ants, cockroaches. Keep it away from food storage and preparation areas. The US banned its use in homes years ago. Diazinon is poisonous for people and pets. In addition to the chest feeling, it can change your blood pressure and heart rate, cause your eyes to react and make you anxious and/or sweaty and eat less. It can induce dizziness and nausea, diarrhea, headaches and in severe cases it can cause convulsions and stop your breathing.

To address your problem, you might want to

1) see a doctor.

2) check the yellow pages under indoor air quality (IAQ) or "air monitoring", whatever they may call it, and check around. Or even see if a local exterminator may dispense some safety advice for you.

I am not an indoor chemical pollution expert, but I hope this helps.

Search this site for more information now.

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First visit your doctor
by: Anonymous

In my opinion you should have contacted your doctor first,he might guide you in a proper way.

Where's CDC?
by: Anonymous

I would want a more reliable source than Wikipedia here - I'm not an expert in this filed but wondering if the CDC or WebMD might provide more scientifically reliable results.

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