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Local weather

by Eric
(New Jersey)

Weather Observation Equipment

Weather Observation Equipment

A project at my old elementary school took measurements directly from the roof of the school building and made the information available to the public. The idea was that if schools and individuals and other institutions did this around the state, around the country, and around the world, we would have a network of accurate and continually updated weather information.

To take this a step further, if all this information were to be integrated as one, I'm sure the analysis that could be done on it would enhance local weather to a large degree. There is just so much room for improvement in weather forecasting - I can never trust what I hear.

Barry's Response - It's a great idea, Eric. If the coordinators of such a program can implement a system of QA/QC to standardize the input from various ad-hoc stations, they could provide an extremely valuable input to the overall weather services available to us. So far, that has been quite tough to standardize.

See the wundermaps on the Weather Underground website, wunderground.com for an example of the type of product that can be created by integrating data from multiple stations of this sort.

Search this site for more local weather information now.

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