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Math and Me from an ENFP

by Sue
(Annville, PA, USA)

Smilin ENFP

Smilin ENFP

The Myers Briggs Personality evaluation, for me, has been the best test of one's inate abilities that I have found. In my workplace, I administer the test to my staff to assess their personality types so I understand where they are coming from in a group setting.

In reading the "Cartoon Scientist" description of his type, I can relate to almost all of it except for the math portion, as that is where the "F" and the "T" of it are different. As an ENFP, my "F" is "feeling", not "thinking". To that end, I don't apply mathematical theory to what I do, but rather apply feelings to my analysis of situations.

Anyone can benefit from taking the Myers Briggs test from a personal and professional standpoint. I now understand why my friends are my friends, and those that I tend to conflict with are in that category. I sometimes wish I could be more of a "thinker" than a "feeler", but being aware of the difference really makes a "difference"

If an individual is trying to discover where they belong in the world be it with interpersonal relationships or occupational interests, taking the Myers Briggs test is a great beginning to finding a match to enhance your future and place you in a place where you want to be. It will help you be a square peg in a square hole, rather than a square peg in a round hole.

Encountering this article was quite fortuitous for me as I plan on using some of the "Cartoon Scientist's" observations when I attend a job interview tomorrow, as he pointed out alot of positives about the EN and P parts of my personality that I may not have recognized as I evaluated what good qualities I have and want to point out, so Thank You.......

Barry's Response - My daughter, whom I believe to prefer ENFP as well, abhorred her grade 6 math homework and it was a fight to get her to complete her assignments.

Keep grinnin', Sue, and thanks for dropping by. Good luck with the interview process.

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by: Jenny

I have read your article and I have been also feeling like you. Because my son also fighting with his math homeworks. I always think that how to solve his issue with math. Anyway I think he will solve his issues himself.

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