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by katie

One Hot Island

One Hot Island

I have been doing research on how global warming works for weeks for this project and I've found that nobody knows for certain what is causing it.

People have arguments over which data is more reliable, what caused the temperature changes in the past, carbon dioxide following temperature changes, etc. But we don't know anything for sure!

People need to stop trying to discredit each other and come up with some solid evidence for us. Otherwise people are going to spend a lot of money and time on what is just now only a theory. wattsupwiththat.com is a really good site to check out.

Barry's Response - mmkay... Go check it out, people. They look like some interesting scientific articles that change every few days, it seems.

I know people like to attack each other, if not this issue, then something else. Thanks for you comments, Katie.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the issue of climate change, like meteorology itself, is an example of a complex multivariable system. The smallest change in one of several inputs can result in the greatest of effects think, Butterfly Effect somewhere down the line. Or nothing at all.

Which? Well it depends on which lever is the hot one at any given moment. This is why you can have a thousand different answers (superstitions, even) for the same question. Maybe one or more of them is right. Maybe they need to combine in the right way to make the right answer.

You know, the stock market works kinda the same way.

Search this site for more information now.

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