My Alberta Experiences

by kayce

These are my Alberta experiences.

These are my Alberta experiences.

I am Canadian, and have been born and raised in Manitoba. Manitoba facing extreme cold weather - so cold and windy in the winter, your eyes water from the wind and your eyelashes stick together. Watch this:

Every time I've been to Alberta, I've never been faced with weather as cold as that. It will still be very cold if you're not used to Northern winter weather.

The the Environment Canada page is definitely one of the best places to keep in touch with the weather for Alberta. You really need to understand the windchill factor, however. The temperature may say -20 degrees celcius, for example. You may then read that with the windchill, it is actually -40 degrees celcius. That is how the temperature actually feels due to the extremely cold blowing wind.

Alberta is very beautiful no matter what time of year. I would definitely go back. Not only does Alberta have beautiful mountains and lakes, but is also home of the Alberta Badlands. You can visit where the dinosaurs once roamed and visit a really neat museum with all types of prehistoric artifacts and fossils.

The weather in the summer is great! It's not extremely hot, as it would be in Arizona for example. Temperatures can range from anywhere between 10 degrees celcius to 30 degrees celcius in the summer. In the winter, the temperature is considerably lower, ranging from anywhere between 1 degree celcius to -35. The spring and fall are exceptionally mild, with temperatures comfortable enough that you can walk around outside with just a light sweater on and be very comfortable.

Barry's Response - One thing you can count on in Canada, and Alberta especially, is that the weather will not be reliable. I'm glad you had some good experiences, though.

Search this site for more information now.

Let's take a moment to explore the fascinating climates of Alberta and Manitoba, shall we?

Here's your friendly weather expert to shed some light on these fascinating places. Despite being almost neighboring provinces, Alberta and Manitoba have different climates. Here's how it works:

- Alberta has a continental climate, known for its diverse landscapes. Summers can be hot and winters can be cold. The summer can be scorching, especially in the southern parts, where you'll find sizzling heat like a BBQ. Despite this, Alberta's winter chill can give you a taste of Canadian cold. Winter coats the landscape with its fluffy white mantle, so bundle up and get ready.

- Now let's look at Manitoba, the land of lakes and scenic wonders. The climate in Manitoba is influenced by its central location. It has a continental climate, but with a twist. It's a great time to dive into those refreshing lakes and rivers in Manitoba because summer can be warm and even have heatwaves. Winnipeg is no stranger to frigid temperatures, whipping winds and abundant snowfall, so winters can be a challenge. Get your toques and mittens ready!

- Each province has its own weather. Alberta has the majestic Rocky Mountains, while Manitoba has pristine lakes and a vibrant culture. The warm summer sun of Alberta or the picturesque winters of Manitoba, each province has its own charm for weather enthusiasts and adventurers.

Just a quick peek at Alberta and Manitoba's climates. Keep exploring, stay weather-wise, and take in the natural wonders of these provinces. My friends, stay curious!

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