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Predicted weather in Alberta Canada

This page gives you the current weather in Alberta Canada. The Alberta weather forecast you see here comes from Environment Canada and covers the next five days.

Map of Alberta

Just select your community from the Alberta map on the new page that results from clicking on the link above, or the lower box to the right and you will get current conditions and the predictions you need for that city, along with any appropriate weather warnings and watches.

Normal weather in Alberta Canada

Watch this stunning video of Alberta scenery.

Alberta's climate is continental. That means summers are much warmer than winters, by over 20 degrees Celsius.  Also, daytime high temperatures are a lot higher than nighttime lows, by at least ten degrees.  This type of climate usually corresponds to landlocked regions where year-round relative humidities are quite low compared to coastal regions.

Alberta experiences the presence of all major types of air masses throughout the course of a typical year.

Most of the winter we have a maritime polar airmass during the milder periods, continental polar when it's cold and continental arctic during the occasional deep-freeze, bringing overnight low temperatures well below minus 20. Tropical air mass occasionally enters our region in the summertime.

Baroclinic zones, zones, boundaries characterized by sharp temperature change, separate two differing air masses. Sometimes they have troughs and fronts in them and are responsible for a significant portion of our annual precipitation.

As you might expect, temperatures in the southern part of the province are usually warmer than in the north. In July, the warmest month, daily average temperatures, which includes nighttime, range from about 18°C in the south to 13°C in the north and the western mountains. Midwinter average temperatures typically range from -10°C in the south to -24°C in the north on a map of Alberta. The coldest ever recorded was -54°C. Not your typical weather in Alberta Canada.

Here is the climate temperature information for Alberta's two major cities.

Calgary Calgary Climate Edmonton Edmonton Climate

What about Chinooks?

Weather in Alberta Canada

This warm wind blows eastward from over the mountains and changes things suddenly. It sweeps out cold dense winter air and greatly increases temperatures in the southern part of the province, several times each winter.  And it can dry everything out rather quickly.

The cities of Calgary and Lethbridge receive the greatest wind and warming effect, while Red Deer, Medicine Hat and even Swift Current, Saskatchewan get some of it.

Precipitation and drought often lead to problems. Most of it falls in the foothills, even causing extensive flooding in Calgary every few years. Most of our moisture comes in the form of rain between May and July, also.

But drought can happen anytime, anywhere. All that sun may be pleasant, but when the crops are dying of thirst, you know somebody's complaining.

The climate and weather in Alberta Canada gives us three distinct ecoregions. The dry south is mostly grassland and farmland. The colder north has a lot of wooded area, the Boreal Forest; the middle area between transitions from one the other.  The third distinct ecoregion is the alpine and uplands in or near the high mountains to the southwest. Within these categories, an astute observer will find numerous ecological subcategories.  Is that what you've noticed?

Experienced the cold?

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Forecast of the weather in Alberta Canada. 

Environment Canada predictions for the air in cities and towns in Alberta.

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