no one cares

by A real person

Example of no one caring

Example of no one caring

No one cares. Why don't not any one just help the earth? Why don't they just be a better person for every one around them keeping us safe for our beautiful lives?

They don't give a shit about our lives while the just pollute mother nature while it's slowly dying. But they don't know this either because while they are killing our lives they are killing their lives as well, so if they want to keep doing what they do best (killing the mother of our lives) then they should rot in a deep hole!

Sorry for giving the wrong kind of information but that is what I think of those people who are doing that to our beautiful planet.

Barry's Response - The careless types do need a wake-up call from time to time. Thanks for starting one, Real. Keep it Real.

Have you ever heard of the Value-action gap? When the things people say are incongruent with the things they do and inspire others to do, we have an inconsistency. Those who sit and complain get nothing done but sit and complain.

The study of environment and geography hits upon this topic every so often. So what happens. People claim to care and that's it. It happens quite often.

Who can make meaningful choices? Consumers. By what they buy and the reasons why. A person buying something chooses to
support a company, one with good environmental policy, or one without. What are the reasons you buy something? Because you need or want it? Because it's handy? Because it's on for a good price? Because you know and trust the brand? The answer is, a mixture of all of these.

What about nutritional information? What about environmental considerations? Not so much yet, but we are learning, and this is only going to get better, I think.

Think - overall health. Think - sustainable consumption.

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