Not a Hoax

by Bobby Pine

this is a good day in the Adirondack mnts,NY

this is a good day in the Adirondack mnts,NY

If you have 5 people in a room smoking, the room fills and it becomes harder to breathe, well that's what happening on a larger scale.

Just look around - the skies become smoggier every year. These particles floating in the air reflect sunlight making in stronger.

Just 13 years ago I could oil up and play in the sun for a whole day with out burning; now I burn in 20 minutes with out oil.

I work outside year round as a plumber and have personally felt the effects. Maybe some of these politicians should get out more and look for themselves. Visibility is decreasing everywhere some places are worse than others.

Honestly it doesn't take a scientist to tell us the climate is getting worse; just observe it for yourself. The proof is in the eyes of the beholder.

I remember clearly from my childhood going to the Adirondack Mountains and having 300 mile visibility back in the 70's-80's and now it's been cut in half. Every where I go, I see this haze in the sky, a brown layer just above us that actually comes to the ground.

Come to Tennessee and see for yourself. Go to "WINDROCK MNT" and look south east over the valley toward the Appalachian Mountains. You can barely make out the tops of the mnts 80 miles away but you can clearly see the smog sitting in the valley.

It's disgusting knowing I breath that stuff everyday. If you're on the valley floor and you look out on a 30 degree angle you see brown; you look up and you see a dull blue.

Hey - but the air is fine and it has nothing to do with global warming. Yeah right, fools! It's just a way to make money trying to clean up our environment, an environment that shouldn't need cleaning if we made these polluting companies be more responsible for their actions.

Barry's Response - It's happening...slowly, but it's happening. Thanks for giving us your observations, Bobby.

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