one cause of global warming

by raven

Margaret Thatcher - founder of the IPCC

Margaret Thatcher - founder of the IPCC

factory gases can cause global warming

Barry's Response - Some researches indicate that the majority of the warming we have seen over the last few decades probably arose from human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. So says the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC. Ongoing research should either confirm or deny these initial conclusions. It has been tough because of so many contributions from so many types of sources.

Industrial emissions are one cause of global warming; what other things lead to global warming? Cars, animals, the ocean, volcanoes, fires, orbital cycles...THE SUN. Here are a few other causes of global warming.

Many people attribute it to air pollution. Anthropogenic air pollution, with little regard to natural sources of unusual substances in the air. Let's explore the effects of air pollution on climate in a bit more detail.

The single biggest culprit purported in the news is carbon dioxide, with lesser regard given to nitrous oxide, methane and water vapour.

I hope these ideas above give you some more help with your research. Thanks, Raven, for expressing an interest in the subject. I hope other readers will throw in their two bits on this sensitive, controversial subject.

If you need a bit more information, search this site for more information now.

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