by iyiola
(Penang, Malaysia)



Our planet is dying. This is solely due to our greedy deeds, in terms of various industrial activities, nuclear activities and unfriendly environmental sanitation practices.

My candid advice goes to the industrialized countries. They should reduce their nuclear activities. Never rely on peanuts you give as carbon credits for developing countries. It's our joint responsibility to reclaim the earth.

Thank you

Barry's Response - Yes, Iyiola, countries that have been industrialized for a long time share a good part of the responsibility. Developing nations have their part to play too they can (and probably will) use the more efficient options chosen by their predecessors through trial and error. Thank you for your thoughts.

We know, for the most part, that the industrial revolution started changes to our planet that continue to shape its condition today. It changed our lifestyles and our expectations, and those psychological effects have only increased over the approximately two centuries since the start.

First, the basic needs of humankind were met, then people began to demand better things and suppliers rose to the challenge. We wanted more, cheaper and faster. They complied.

Not only that, now we had more and more people to contend with. After the population grew at an average rate of around 0.1% per year for centuries, we now had an explosion during and after the revolution. Then it jumped to something more like 0.5% for much of the 1800's and over 1% in the 1900's.

Where can it go from here? Not too much further, many think, given that the earth is already straining under the current load.

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