Paper Towel Test

by Steven Babiak

We're on a roll

We're on a roll

I took many different brands of paper towels and put them through different test.

First, I put a measured amount of water in a bowl and sunk the paper towel, till it could hold no more water. I then found the amount of water the towel soaked up.

Second, I did a softness test, where I asked people to rate how soft one towel was. I presented this and let people in the science fair try too.

I did this in 6th grade, but I didn't win. I would do it again just to remind myself of the results.

Barry's Response - I subscribe to Consumer Reports. That is the type of research they engage in and is very useful to the public. More so than your typical scientific project for sure.

The other criterion advertisers tout so famously is paper towel strength. At least that's what I have seen in most of the commercials.

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by: Ben

Thanks for introducing two types of paper towel tests. It is one of the main item that we are using in our daily life. So we have to check its quality and thus we can conclude that how much it is best in quality. Continue sharing these kind of worthy posts!

Not enough!
by: Anonymous

Your test should have included strength. That is one of the most important aspects of paper towels.

Also, you should have tested to see if the towel after use could be rinsed and used again.

I'd like more information
by: Bruce

That sounds like an interesting project.

I'd like to know what your findings were? What project did win? When was this experiment performed? Has paper towel technology advanced since then?

I agree with Barry. From a consumer standpoint, I care more about paper towel strength.

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