by Majed

Where have all the glaciers gone?

Where have all the glaciers gone?

new evidence has emerged that planets farther from the sun than earth have ice melting..probably martains have been using cars more than before.

Barry's Response - Maybe somebody unplugged the fridge.

Now...why do we care about climate change on Mars? It might give us some insight into extraterrestrial causes of global warming that are happening right now.

Mars has seasons and a visible landscape, unlike Venus. Global warming deniers hope there's been global warming on this planet. We don't have much data to support or refute it.

Dry-ice patches (solid carbon dioxide) on Mars' southern hemisphere have shrunk. Climate change might be an explanation, but it's not conclusive.

What could cause this? What about local effects? Dust storms change planetary reflectivity? Changes in energy coming from the sun (like global warming skeptics claim)?

It could be a lot of things, and more research is needed. Changes noted for Mars, Venus, and even Pluto have some people believing humans haven't contributed as much to climate change as previously thought. Some people really doubt it. Majed, thanks for the inspiration.

Look at what others are saying about the climate changes on other planets, and do some online research yourself.

You can also search this site for more information now.

You have come up with a hilarious theory!

Think of those mischievous Martians zipping around in their interplanetary cars, melting ice on distant planets. Martians love road trips, who knew?

But here's the secret: it's not Martians melting the ice. Climate change happens when certain gases in our atmosphere trap heat from the sun. It's a bit more complicated than Martians joyriding, but it's cool!

You'll learn all about weather, climate patterns, and how the Earth's atmosphere works if you study meteorology. Discover how scientists study weather systems, predict storms, and even understand the climates of other planets (maybe even Mars!).

Let your imagination soar like a Martian spaceship through the skies with a cool meteorology book. Maybe you'll find more out-of-this-world weather mysteries!

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