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by Majed

Where have all the glaciers gone?

Where have all the glaciers gone?

new evidence has emerged that planets farther from the sun than earth have ice melting..probably martains have been using cars more than before.

Barry's Response - Maybe somebody unplugged the fridge.

Seriously, now...why do we care about climate change on Mars? Because it can give us some indication about some of the extraterrestrial causes of global warming that is apparently occurring right here on earth.

Mars has seasons and, unlike Venus, a visible landscape. That there has been global warming on this planet is a hopeful guess of earth-based global warming deniers. One that we have little data to use to support or falsify.

There has been some notable shrinkage of dry-ice (solid carbon dioxide) patches located in Mars' southern hemisphere. Some might point to climate change, but it is not conclusive.

What can cause this? Local effects? Changes in planetary reflectivity in the wake of dust storms? Changes in energy arriving from the sun (this is what global warming sceptics like to claim)? Could be a number of things and more research is required to draw a conclusion.

Some like to believe strongly in changes noted for Mars, Venus and even Pluto as evidence that we humans have had a smaller contribution to climate change then previously thought. Some really doubt it. Thanks, Majed, for this inspiration.

Have a look at what others are saying about the climate changes on other planets, do a bit of online research your self and see what you think.

You can also search this site for more information now.

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