The other planets

by Gary

Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

Well, if man is causing Global Warming what are all the other planets (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto etc.) doing warming up too? Starting soon the Sun will calm down for the next decade or so - I anticipate that once this happens the world will start to cool again.

Barry's Response - Gary, the other planets are keeping up with the Joneses, and we are Jones.

Seriously, now, it has been well-established that physical patterns beyond our own planet affect us just as well as anything mankind has done. These facts will become more evident as time progresses.

Two photos, one from 1977 and one from 1999 were compared. They included the entire surface of Mars on two separate missions. The differences noted were a darker surface, suggesting a reduced albedo in the second photo and dark patchy areas in the south.

From this and other evidence, the researcher, Lori Fenton, deduced that the temperature on the planet had increased by more than a half degree centigrade over that 22-year span. Further research shows the dust on Mars has great responsibility for altering the climate there. Greater than anything else.

Pluto has also been observed to increase in temperature over the same time frame. This change has likely arisen from this planet approaching perihelion in its wildly eccentric orbit.

Many have take these observations' implications out of context to deduce that they are all warming for the same reason, pointing to solar variation. A little hard to arrive at such a sweeping conclusion with the limited data we have.

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by: Sam

Global warming is a major threat to our earth today. It is only due to the harmful activities that have been done by the people on earth. So we have to be more careful to overcome this disastrous phenomenon.

See for more.

by: Anonymous

I don't think that other planets will be involved if the sun changes for us. I think they will stay the same. I don't think that they would cause global warming either. Very interesting.

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