Please help global warming!

by Magenta Dolezal

Do it for us.

Do it for us.

Hi, I am only 13 but I am extremely concerned about the causes of global warming! I am sure that some people do not give a damn about the issues. I think they are so selfish because they don't think about all the other people in the world who have to suffer all because of them.

Barry's Response - Magenta, it's your world too.
You and your generation have rights to a decent one as well.

Search this site for more information now.

More from Magenta - Thank you for providing this website so people of the world can say what they want to say about their
opinion of global warming. I just wish that people would stop dropping litter and reduce the causes of global warming

Barry's Response - Right. We all have reason to be concerned. Thanks for your contribution.

Magenta's Response - Do you think that you could possibly send me some devastating pictures of what could happen if Global Warming occurred because I am making my own website on Global Warming and I would be really grateful if you could send me some pictures.

Even though I am only 13 I still matter about Global Warming. Thank you for your time.

Barry's Response - It's best to grab a digital camera and take your own. Type "global warming" into the search box at Google or Wikipedia and scan the photos for ideas and inspiration. Have fun with it.

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by: Garin

Global warming is such a serious issue that are really hard to explain and the major changes that we see here are due to the enhancement in such a change.

Global Warming
by: Magenta Dolezla

I have learnt so much over the 2 years since i wrote that comment; about what we can do to prevent global warming from happening and what will happen to this world if we do not try to help it soon.

I just really hope that people are aware of the causes and how we can help it, so they can make a difference.

If people want to contact me, please feel free


Barry's Response Thank you. There you have it, folks.

haha i can't believe that i wrote that 2 years ago...:L
by: Magenta Dolezal

i wrote the comment above ^^ haha i can't believe that was like 2 years ago and it felt like only last week writting it :L still though, i am extremly concerned about the effects of global warming and how they will effect the world around us. can guys please comment on this site so we can show people that we do care about the environment and other people should care about it aswell. thankyouu xx

Barry's Response - It would be even more interesting to find out what you've learned over the two years

Global Warming
by: Anonymous

I think that it is great that the young generation are concerned about the environment. If you get every generation concerned about the environment then we can make changes. Until then the ones who do care should keep on letting others know about global warming.

effects of global warming
by: Anonymous

The word global warming itself makes us to indulge ourselves we have to do something to save our environment from this problem first of all we have to make everyone know the consequences of this and then start to save our environment - first step is to plant trees as much as possible to save the greenaries this as to be done first by planting trees near the road side so that we can get cool air, then we have to start to plant trees inside the house if we have gardens at our place or otherwise you can do it by planting it in our neighbourhood parks etc. We have to start this from our young generations who r at the age of 14 so that they can develop this form their earlier age. By doing lie this at least 50 percent we can try to save our environment little.

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