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Pollution does not create Global Warming!

Earth's Natural Processes and Climate Change

Earth's Natural Processes and Climate Change

Okay.... so pollution does have a big impact on global warming but it isn't creating it. Global warming is a law of uniformitarianism. This process will happen no matter what.

Even if we stop polluting forever, this process will still occur. No matter what we do, this will happen. So pollution doesn't create global warming but it does make this happen faster.

Barry's Response - Let's explore that unique concept a little more deeply:

Uniformitarianism - Indicates when changes on our planet are gradual (weathering etc.) or occur by impacts that occur on a local scale (volcanoes etc.). It excludes sudden global catastrophes such as bolide impacts.

The forces that cause these minor everyday changes are in place, well, every day. Examples of these things include the jet stream and convection in the earth's mantle. They keep on.

Uniformitarianism can sometimes become a substitute (excuse) for fatalism. Humanity saying "whatever I do will not make any difference". It happens more often than you might think.

We know natural processes take place with or without our influence. We also (should) know that our activity can alter the proportions in which certain effects occur, potentially upsetting the balance between forces that stabilize our environment. With that knowledge, we can act accordingly, acknowledge our effects on these balances, seek feedback and accept the consequences or seek feedback to use the inherent prescription for change.

We will never know 100% what the best course of action shall be, but have developed a greater collective hunch over the past decade or so. Just some additional food for thought.

Here's a bit more on the subject of Earth's process and weather - https://www.stuffintheair.com/integration-meteorology-and-plate-tectonics.html

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