Single events and ongoing production

Single events and ongoing production

Pollution is just like a ghost that fed our nature but this ghost is created by human beings.

If the situation remains the same, our nature is to fully destroy and after that Nature plays a horrible game on us, and on this we can not defeat Nature. So, each and every person please try to rid of pollution, for we have to stop pollution.

It increased the temperature too due to this, ice of HIMALAYA is melting day by day and that increased the layer of rivers simultaneously seas too that causes flood. Many plans are implemented by government to get control of pollution like plantation of plant, GANGA river valley project.

To the pollution of river, aquatic animals get damaged and due to this balance of nature disturbed, we should avoid to throw waste product.

The owner of industries should not to fall down chemical waters. Government should also take care of this. It is strictly restricted of non-decomposable substance. To do all this, we surely control the pollution.


Barry's Response You've hit on some of the important consequences of environmental pollution. Thank you very much for your insights.

We're glad to hear the opinions of residents from all over the world (children and adults alike) over the local and global issues. It's one way we know that the concerns are all similar.

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day by day
by: terry

The best thing I have to say is the earth is getting polluted day by day. Think of the stability of the human race and the other living beings.

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