Poor grasp of science.

by bt
(New York)

Somewhat puzzling?

Somewhat puzzling?

There are several criticism I have of this article. First of all, I believe it lacks a thesis statement that would frame the arguments made later in the article.

While the title implies the article is about Global Warming, the most of the article has nothing to do with the subject. What there is on Global Warming lacks the kind of focus or clear narrative that would help the reader learn about the subject.

More importantly, much of the science cited in the article is poorly presented or simply wrong. The article about the Big Bang states that there were multiple ones and they are still occurring. This is simply incorrect. The Big Bang model applies to the creation of our entire universe.

I would recommend focusing more of the subject (the Big Bang is not really relevant to Global Warming) and explaining more about why the author believes it is unstoppable and unavoidable.

Barry's Response - It is long and somewhat rambling, I know. But, bt, it also shows that there is a great opportunity for the educational systems of the world (this author is from The Philippines) to get together and give our students what they need. Knowledge and critical thinking skills.

He has continued his research and shown me his later works, but I have not had the chance to evaluate it yet. Here's hoping he creates work more concise, original, factual and focussed in the future.

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