Reduce Global Warming by increasing Global Heart Warming

by Donna Brown
(Louisville, Ky)

The future shall be affected

The future shall be affected

I think we all know that Global Warming is real, even if we choose not to admit it.

Mankind has gotten into a state of "What's in it for me". Many feel if the problem doesn't affect me today, then why should I do anything about it?

Look at the economy and you have a very good example of what the end result of doing nothing will be. Global Warming is our problem to fix today! Yes, we have to worry about feeding our families, etc. However if we don't do what is needed to fix this problem, our children will live in a very different world, at best.

As parents our dream is that we leave our children better off than we are. This requires sacrifice, to do the things needed to make that happen.

Until the time comes when we realize that we are our brothers keeper and a Global Warming of Hearts take place. Until we all willingly do our part to repair our home, we need our governments to be brave and strong enough to step up and mandate the changes that are needed to ensure a future for our children.

Barry's Response - Thanks Donna. There are a number of implicit assumptions contained herein:

1) Global Warming is happening

2) Global Warming is caused by Mankind

3) Global Warming is reversible by Mankind

4) Global Warming will not reverse without the help of mankind

5) Global Warming is undesirable

If all five of those are true, then we have a serious problem and have done a bad thing. Regardless, we will probably need to adapt, one way or another. It's a good thing we can.

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We need people lyk u...................
by: Neha Balyan

how r u?
hope u r still fine.
i hv read ur views about global glad to see people lyk u.we all should not only talk but implement.becoz its the tym for ACTION.......

Bryz Rspns Thnk U

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