reversed balanced formation machine

by d. uder

not the mess maker

not the mess maker

There is a lot to be cleaned, but now there is something better - a device in a state of temporarily flux that scatter on a friendly, not harmful or disturbing, way. The stuff that need to be is a counter cleaner and it runs on an ac current it uses small types of garbage and dust collected by cleaning devices to make a bit of a mess did must be done in a way that the potential cleaner has no idea of care put in the mess making.

However, mess making is free; cleaning it up by an external person may cost something so you must check your financial status first, and if is all good then maybe you can hire someone to make the mess for you, or better for the cleaning person, but do such a thing only on a rainy afternoon.

Barry's Response - je ne comprends pas
ich verstehe nicht
non capisco
no entiendo

That said, the diagram is interesting in that it shows that carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cycles (and by implication, many others) occur simultaneously, involve the same components although the order is changed. Thanks for the contribution, DU.

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Enviornment Awareness
by: Jessec1007

The diagram clearly shows the cycle. The image is clear and easy to understand. However, it would be even greater if each element could be linked to defintion/explantion. With this link, you could brainstorm with your friends, or as a school science project, to come up with a Science Fair Project and propose it to another link - This Website even provide fun little projects such as "Let it Snow". The links on the left side of the Web site are all interesting. I would bookmark this website for future reference and educate my children.

by: faizelkhan

the article in this site that i read was good and informative.

by: steve

great chart , looks like you know what your talking about until you read the improper grammer in the article.

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