Save Australia from a CarbonTax and Really Cool The Planet

by Mark

(i.e. politician)

(i.e. politician)

The new religion on global warming is what is really heating the planet. The lies from some scientists, the United Nations and especially New World Order politicians is what is really heating the planet.

Save Australia from the lies of Julia Gillard the minority PM. It was hotter in the 60s than it is today.

Barry's Response - Notes for the rest of the world:

Julia Gillard is the prime minister of Australia. She came up with a climate change scheme in 2010 to gain agreement amongst all interested parties but still go after
heavy emitters. Infrastructure was also to be overhauled for environmental purposes.

Supposedly she said there would be no carbon tax during the 2010 election, however it turns out one started 1 July 2012. They're still sorting out the details.

Glad I could let you air your grievances, Mark.

So it goes - she talked about a national consensus back in 2010 to find a way to implement an approach for mitigating greenhouse emissions, but this idea fell through. After her success in the 2010 election, this plan was replaced with a multi-party climate change panel, which advocated a tax which evolved in to an emissions trading scheme.

It came all the Clean Energy Bill proposal in 2011 and all hell broke loose with the opposing party. The houses passed this one by the end of the year. It took effect on July 1, 2012. Australians are not wild about this, not unanimously, anyway. Some feel that the
standard of living is jeopardized with no environmental benefit realized.

Ahhh...Politics & the Environment.

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