Save our rainforests

by pavan
(vijayawad,Andhra Pradesh,India)

More than a movement

More than a movement

Rain forests are now days disappearing from our planet. Just a few decades ago our planet was full of green. Due to many reasons like industrialization, global warming our planet faces many problems. One of them was disappearing of rain forest.

Many earth scientists has warned us about this disaster even before, but we haven’t take any care. Trees in these rain forests emit a good part of oxygen.

Here, I want to say you an example that how much we are facing this problem. In India there is a place called Chirapunji; it has the highest record of rainfall in a year. It is one of the rain forests in the world. But now the average rainfall has come down by 6%.

The worst thing that we are facing in rain forests today is deforestation. And this should be stopped - global warming also plays a key role in decrease of rainfall. Every one should feel responsible about this and should increase the number of trees in rain forests.

Forests are very important for the smooth movement of human life. As a great power in the world, the USA should take care about these rain forests. Obama should take preventive steps like decreasing the defenestration rate and increasing the awareness about these rain forests all around the world.

Barry's Response - Education is key, Pavan, like you say. And if the world's media distribute and policy makers receive good objective information they know they can trust and not empty hype, then can do something with it. It would be their responsibility.

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by: Anonymous

I think it is really depressing what is happening to our rain forests now a days. I feel that people should do something about it.

People should make a stand and save our rain forests. I feel that the ones who take from our rain forest should replace what they take.

I also think we need send a team out into our rain forests each year to help them.

Very informative artilce. I enjoyed it.

by: Markie

I was delighted to read Pavan's rainforest article, and I really like the t-shirt. I'm looking forward to reading more articles on this site.

I agree with Barry that education is the key. Today, "Save the rainforest" has been heard so much it blends into the background, easily ignored and quickly forgotten. At least, that's the way I felt - until I visited a rainforest. Just seeing animals and plants that I've only heard about before really opened my eyes to the importance of rain forests.

StuffintheAir is excitedly interesting and educational. Perhaps printouts like worksheets or coloring pages could be made available so that education on rainforests could begin at an early age.

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