Save the Glacier........

by Partha Pratim Bose
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

A Glacier in Alaska

A Glacier in Alaska

One of the most breath-taking examples of the effects of global warming is the way our glaciers are getting extinct. Along with glaciers we not only are going to see glaciers only in pictures (like this one) but we will miss all water creatures and polar bears and other animals......who are able to survive only because of this extreme climatic condition....

Barry's Response - A stunning photograph you have provided, Partha, and some important comments, too. You have every right to be concerned. See more at this page.

Why worry 'bout a bunch of glaciers? They supply fresh water for many people (and plants & animals) of the world. There has been consistent glacier retreat around the world, with greater amounts in mountains in middle latitudes. These include mountains in Asia, USA, Europe and South America. And one mountain in Africa.

When a time period of several decades is tracked, that's how long it took for the differences to become really noticeable. Researchers like to go back to the mid-19th century, as that's when data gathering techniques just started to become quite reliable (and have continued to improve since then). It coincidentally marks the end generally accepted end of the
little ice age (1550 to 1850), when these ice rivers built up substantially and gave us a good starting point for comparison. Most of the retreat has occurred since the mid-1980's.

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by: Sam

I think this blog has been sharing relevant issues that have been affecting the earth. Thus we could aware about such issues more intensively. Most of us are just reading about those issues. It should not be like that. We have to make it practical to save our huge platform. So it is necessary to save the glaciers.

Barry's Response - It's a concern that's not going away.

Save the glacier
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful photo. We need to be concerned about our glaciers because we will loose wildlife and we need to be concerned about them. They are the innocent ones.

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