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Saving our planet one step at a time

by syed saiful alam
(dhaka, Bangladesh)

What's a better way to conserve resources?

What's a better way to conserve resources?

Can we save our planet, bit by bit?

By now we all know about climate change? We see images of temperatures rising, storms increasing, glacial ice melting and sea levels rising. We anticipate coastlines submerging, forever lost. Millions of people could lose their homes and earth shall no longer be able to sustain the population.

Why is this happening?

Using fuels such as gasoline, diesel, coal etc. faster and faster threatens the future of humanity.

Can we slow this down?

If we do it quickly and efficiently. CO2 concentrations are still rising. If we can keep it under 350 ppm (parts per million), then maybe there won't be any huge problems.

What can we do?

It's not trivial. We can curtail our fuel usage, walk and cycle (or use rickshaws) when possible and park the motor car. Save electrical energy. Save coal. Reduce fuel consumption and encourage healthier alternatives. This video gives one good energy-saving idea, whether you understand the language or not.

Of course we will have to change our lifestyle. Changes such as these will increase our quality of life. The people of Dhaka, Bangladesh will appreciate this for sure, being able to cycle in a safe environment. Children playing safely in clean, fresh air is a good thing. All these folks want for this is less cars, less travel and transport and the use of locally produced goods instead. This would curb congestion and related problems, provide more family time and resources for the really important things. 350 ppm should do it.

Barry's Response - Thanks, Syed. This saving our planet one step at a time story is familiar but deserves retelling. The internet is part of your solution. More e-commerce, less livery needed.

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how r can join this
by: Anonymous

I wanna join this movement at dhaka.

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