sensation of global wrming

by karthik
(hyderabad andhrapradesh india)

The right answer might be in there somewhere...

The right answer might be in there somewhere...

This is the day from which our Earth is seeing problems that have been caused due to nature cavity. The global warming we have seen is caused due to the following:

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water Pollution
  3. Due to release of smoke from vehicles

AIR POLLUTION: This is caused due to the release of harmful chemicals that have been released.

Barry's Response - Global warming is, theoretically, an effect from the emissions caused by the things you mention, plus a few other natural causes that nobody has been able to pinpoint with great accuracy. Some of these sources are not even within the earth-atmosphere system (things such as sunspots and Milankovitch cycles.)

What else is there?
  • Release of Carbon Dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and several other greenhouse gases from industry
  • Agriculture: aquaculture, horticulture and livestock animals
  • Removal of sequestration points and processes - deforestation

These are only some of known causes. Here are more things that lead to global warming.This short list does not include the many possible unknown causes, nor does it address any changes to global cooling agents and stabilizers (other than deforestation).

It's a complex multi-variable system, much like meteorology itself or stock-market forecasting, for which no definitive answer exists. In fact, the very existence of global warming is in doubt in some circles.

The research continues...the truth shall prevail, eventually. Thanks for you input, Karthik.

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