by Josie
(Louisville, KY )

Can your detergent get these out?

Can your detergent get these out?

My project was very boring, we had to do some kind of project that went a long with a work sheet, demonstrating the scientific method. I was very unoriginal at the time, so I decided to do mine on stains and stain detergents. I just hadn't been exposed enough to science, in order to give me a fun idea on a project.

Now that I am older, I really like science, and wish I had been more into it as a child. I think science is VERY interesting and can be a very fun subject for children, if taught in an interesting way. If/When I have children of my own, I hope they find an interest in science, it is a fascinating subject that I hated as a child, but have come to respect as an adult.

Barry's Response - Josie, we all spend our lifetimes discovering ourselves. Once we stop learning, we stop living.

For some of us, the study of science may start out as a love, then evolve into a career choice. This may be said of many endeavours. We may retain our interest, even fascination if the subject and job choice continue to entice us.

It works best if we pick a career that suits our personality to a "T". Easier said than done? Personality inventories give us a first clue, but not a final word. These inventories include the Strong Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for instance.

Who knows, Josie, maybe if you had stuck with science in school, you would be retiring soon from a career that you absolutely loved the whole time. And may our next generation can benefit from this thinking.

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