start smoking story

by Harry
(Grafton, Australia)

Start Smoking Here?

Start Smoking Here?

Here's a start-smoking story for you. The quality of air these days is affected by all of those people out there who like to pollute our air by smoking so does anyone have a ciggie. I'm craving

Barry's Response - Harry:

Better make it a good one. What, other than social reasons, could lead a person into their own start smoking story? The stop smoking stories can be just as interesting. It used to be that people truly believed that once you start smoking cigarettes, you were hooked for life. We have found out more recently that is not the case.

You just need the right frame of mind.

The number of people who once smoked but no more is growing, and even outnumbers the current smokers in some places. Cold turkey seems the way to go for the committed, but other methods work as well. Check with a doctor if you want or need to quit.

Just remember the weird sensations you experience are the signs of life returning to your system. Enjoy it. I've been there, done that.

It's a mental game as much as anything else.

Quitting smoking is tough, but you can do it. Here are some psychological steps to help:

- Find out why you want to quit smoking. Think about the health benefits, the improved quality of life, and the positive impact on your family. Keep reminding yourself of your reasons for quitting.

- Plan a quit date: Pick a date when you're going to stop smoking. A target date helps you mentally prepare and commit. Choose a date when you can minimize stress and distractions.

- Recognize your triggers: Identify situations, activities, or emotions that make you want to smoke. Triggers include stress, social situations, or specific places. You can cope with your triggers more effectively if you understand them.

- Encourage and motivate yourself during the quitting process by talking to friends, family, or support groups. Ask for their understanding and help with your goals.

- Cope Strategies: Find healthy ways to cope with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Try deep breathing, physical activity, chewing gum, or anything else that will distract you from smoking.

- Make Your Environment Smoke-Free: Make your home, car, and workplace smoke-free by removing cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays. It reduces accessibility and cues that trigger the habit.

- Positive reinforcement: Reward yourself for reaching milestones in your quit smoking journey. Spend the money you save from not buying cigarettes on something you like.

- Consider reaching out to healthcare professionals, counselors, or hotlines that specialize in smoking cessation. They can help you with guidance, support, and evidence-based strategies.

- Don't be too hard on yourself if you slip and have a cigarette. Understand your triggers and develop strategies to prevent future relapses.

- You've got to stay committed to your goal if you want to quit smoking. Remind yourself why you wanted to quit. Quitting smoking takes time and perseverance. Be positive, believe in yourself, and celebrate every step you take.

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