Don't need any pollution.

Don't need any pollution.

Barry's Response - That is one sick looking planet. we have. Hope it is not really the state of our current affairs. Thanks for the comic relief, Fezan.

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by: Anonymous

Now a days pollution is a big problem and people are suffering lot of diseases because of pollution. I like because it gives good suggestions on how to prevent pollution. We are all sailing on one boat it is our responsibility protect it.

by: Ben

It is high time that we stop polluting our environment else it will be dangerous to our coming generations. It is our responsibility to provide clean living situations to our generations. You guys are doing a great job out there... Keep up!

Pollution solution
by: KOTO

Aloha Fezan:

People like you and I need to start doing things to wake up others by setting examples where we live, holiday, work, attend school and go everywhere we go. We need to pick up after people that are polluting our earth and show them why they need to do the same.

We need to put signs on storm drains - signs saying things like (NO GARBAGE)(GOES TO OCEAN) (GOES TO RIVER) (GOES TO LAKE) (GOES TO OUR DRINKING WATER)

We need to write to our local papers, telling people how dangerous cigarette ends (butts) are for our waterways and for our babies and wildlife to ingest as these butts are full of toxins that can kill a baby, animal and contaminate our water, poisoning and killing the fish we eat. We need to tell people about how plastic kills many animals and plants.

What can you do? - Get your friends to help you clean areas. Let the local papers, TV, radio stations know where and when you're going to clean an area. Make some noise and teach young children to teach their parents. Get your neighborhood cleaned up and then your Village, Town or City.

Let people know that you care and want to help.
Many people are talking about it - we need to walk the walk and do something about it. People may hear what we say but they see what we do and seeing is believing, to tell the truth.

May the force be with you. We are all in this neighborhood together, so let's improve it together.

Please check out KOTO Keeper of the ocean, Thailand. See their dozens of contributions on

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