The amazing powers of the slideshow is yet another proof of how media does propaganda well

Al Gore does...

Al Gore does...

There is indeed that big problem of man making too much bad changes on earth. This is the only one we've got, and no matter what regenerative powers it has, it can't compete with us.

Having said that~ let's move on to an Inconvenient Truth. One statement - my professor in NatSci Natural Science gave a better lecture on the possible effects of global warming if allowed to continue on than Al Gore. And what is horrible about An inconvenient Truth?

I watched and sympathized when he talked of findings and of the visual effects on Earth, I sighed and fidgeted when those strip of his life story and political career all in the name of Earth kept interfering with my understanding of his cause.

Seriously man, what is he fighting for? Earth, or his political career? I am at best exasperated and at worst deeply, deeply irritated.

This isn't a good basis to start your opinions on global warming and climate change. It is far too dramatic, truly another proof of how media can go wrong.

Barry's Response - Those personal anecdotes are definitely confusing to the whole story and have caused several to ask similar questions to what you pose.


I can somewhat see that it helps build a big picture for his understanding, experience and mission, but it retains a faint odour of political agenda. The film has been the subject of many complaints (in the scientific community).

If you haven't seen it

'An Inconvenient Truth' is a documentary about climate change. Guggenheim's film, starring former Vice President Al Gore, presents a comprehensive overview of the scientific evidence he had at the time for climate change.

Despite some criticism, critics acknowledge the film's importance as a call to action on climate change. It's been criticized for being overly alarmist, presenting an incomplete picture of climate change science, and having a political tone. Criticized a lot.

As well, critics said the movie came out when climate change wasn't a big deal and helped raise awareness, leading to more pressure on government and businesses. Despite these criticisms, "An Inconvenient Truth" has been credited (in other circles) with popularizing climate change and creating a sense of urgency. The film has inspired millions to take action on climate change and make this environmental controversy a global issue.

Search this site for more information now.

Maybe Gore had something like this in mind...

It's about climate change and its consequences. Let me dive into this a bit. Rather than advance a political agenda, I've always wanted to educate and inspire action.

It's understandable that some viewers found my personal journey intertwined with the environmental message distracting. I included my experiences and political career to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis. I wasn't trying to put my career ahead of the planet. I don't care what party you support, but support our planet.

We all have a responsibility to protect our only home, the Earth. 'An Inconvenient Truth' tried to convey the seriousness of this responsibility. It may have been dramatic in its presentation, but it was done to emphasize the severity of the situation.

Maybe Gore just wanted to give us a primer on the topic. Different opinions are fine with me, and I encourage healthy debates. We now have the opportunity to 'go to bat' for our earth.

In the end, 'An Inconvenient Truth' was a call to action, and I'm sticking by it. Learn what you can and do what you feel necessary. As if our future depended on it.

Urgency and unity.

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