The Terrible White Monster

by Sade Flemming

Heck of a Storm!

Heck of a Storm!

In 2008, the worst storm hit. I was pregnant and having a baby when the hospital roof blew off! I was freezing cold because of the blizzard in the delivery room. As soon as the baby was delivered, my husband had to get a blanket so the howling wind and freezing snow wouldn't kill him.

Our house was torn to pieces, and we were left homeless and were forced to move to a tent for the time being. Thankfully, we had insurance, and we were able to buy a very nice house away from where we were. My father was killed in the storm, and my mother-in-law was injured badly. In time, we got over everything and began anew. Our baby is healthy and was not hurt by the Terrible White Monster.

Barry's Response - I'm glad everything turned out okay, Sade.

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by: Bradly

I come from a part where there is no snowfall at all and to me, snow is something beautiful and an exciting experience. I always wanted to live in a place where it snows. But after this particular incident came up in the news, I was so terrified by the idea of living in such conditions.

Terrible incident
by: kalps

I felt very sad when I read the article. I was imagining myself in the situation and don't know if i had really coped up. God only has given her the mind power to face the situation. I'm glad that the baby is healthy...

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It is too Strange!
by: Anbuinfosys

It is really a tough time to lose our thing due to the storm. We can't prevent our selves from these effects. This is a bad incident and we have learn that nothing is immortal.

Too Short and to the point.
by: Frank

This was a little short in the story telling. It was more as if you where trying to hurry though it then to actually tell a full account of what happened.

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