by Kaitlyn
(Norwalk Ohio USA)

Driving in the snow storm

Driving in the snow storm

When I was 2, I was in a car accident with my dad, going to get my mom from work. We went to stop and another car didn't stop.

They hit us. we weren't hurt. But it was bad.

And it all was because of snow.

Barry's Response - I sorry to hear about that Kaitlyn. If you were only two years old, I quite surprised how well you remember it.

The snow caused the collision? Maybe. But the
Search and insurance industries would argue that the liability rests with the driver who did not adjust his style to the road conditions.

That's what usually happens, anyway.

Search this site for more information now.

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Are you OK?
by: Angelp

Are you Ok? It must Hurt. I hate blizzards.

Take it slow
by: Anonymous

Winter driving is when you need to leave early, slow down, take your time and stay back from the car in front of you. Drive safe and arrive a little late! Don't end up like these people:

Drive carefully in bad weather!
by: Christine

I'm glad to hear that no one got hurt, but hopefully you're a better driver after
witnessing this accident as a passenger. Definitely leave enough space between you and the other cars, and drive at a safe speed. And, if someone behind you is tailgating, let them pass you.

It would definitely help all drivers if people were just more aware of their surroundings and adjusted their behavior depending on the weather conditions.

Great Article
by: Anonymous

A lot of accidents happen during winter and snow.

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