There is Only One Option Whether the Evidence is Right or Wrong

by Nick

Our one-of-a-kind

Our one-of-a-kind

Global warming is something that everyone should be concerned about. Regardless of whether a person believes in global warming or does not, a person should be in favor of a cleaner world and a healthier planet.

It is in every person's interest that the world be taken care of so that future generations will have a clean and healthy world to live on.

If global warming is not real, we lose nothing by rebuilding our country and aiding other countries in a way that does not damage the environment or pollute the air. If global warming is real, we have everything to gain because intense weather changes will result in millions of deaths, eliminate habitable parts of the world and perhaps even bring about the end of humanity.

The heating up of the world is not a good thing. We need to try and minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible because the damage we inflict could possibly come back and hit us in a manner that is much, much more damaging.

Changes need to be made in the way we power our country and manufacture products that are necessary to everyday life. Our way of life today might be shortening the number of days ahead that the planet has.

Green technology is still not at the point where it can take the place of existing technology, but we can begin to make the transition and start to phase out the existing technology so that cleaner technology can be integrated. This can be done only if there is a will and desire on the part of the government, the private sector and the people. Society must want green technology and society must generally agree that the transition is necessary.

Ultimately, people need to set aside their personal beliefs and consider this: our children, grand children and great grand children may have to deal with a more dangerous world. Do we really want to take the chance that future could arise? Would it not be more wise to take the more cautious and safer position and take charge of the situation and ensure that the world is as clean as possible and that human interaction and emissions are as natural and safe to the planet as possible.

After all, we all only have one home.

Barry's Response - Well put, Nick. You pose some questions that the great philosophers (and politicians) should be posing to the world. They demand attention.

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