Tieing It All Together The Rain Forest.

About the Rain Forest...

About the Rain Forest...

This article is an overview of what exactly the rain forest is. It discuses what actually defines a rain forest and where they are typically located.

The second part discusses what forestry professionals are doing to help the rain forest.

Barry's Response - A good quick summary of the content. Thank You. Please check the link at the bottom of this page to see the actual article.

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not good enough
by: anoop

image is not much impressive . it's a common image or type of seen everywhere.
since the image shows lush green thick forest it does imply tropical rainforest and tries to bring its beauty.
I wouldn't like to go through the rest of the site.
If I were to search on this site, I would be searching for global /regional pollutant levels and a map showing pollutants their concentration in a particular area etc. since the name of the site is so.

Nice Article
by: Anonymous

This article is nice to read and impressive for as far as the environment is consult.I am inspire at this article and looking forward to read more articles of this catagory.

Good article
by: Ammu

This article is very impresive. I gain detailed information about rain forest. please provide more pages for more information.

by: Anonymous

Very direct and to the point. Would like to see more articles like this one on the other pages.

preserve nature
by: smee

From Rainforests we get many items that we all use in our own homes!

We eat several foods from the rainforest and many medicines are made from ingredients found only in these areas.So we need to preserve that.Worthy article.

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