by Gerry Rasmus
(Jomtien, Thailand)



On any given day, You can walk the shore line, and along with plastic, Bottle Caps, Camera Batteries, Cigarette Lighters, Empty Cigarette Packs, you will also find Toxic Cigarette Butts, left behind by uncaring smokers that are killing them selves and also killing or contaminating every thing around them.

They flick their Toxic Butts every where, without a care, Floating in the water. On the beach, These Butts that are left behind can and do kill unknowing babies up to the age of 2. These babies put any and everything into their mouths and the toxins in a Butt can kill children and it has. Kill our Sea Food, Sea Life, Land Life, Contaminate ALL Of our Natural Waterways,

We ALL need to inform our local papers, Radio, TV stations, City Hall, in regards to the dangers left behind. Go to your Park, Beach, Lake, River, Playground and pick up a shopping bag full of Toxic Butts, Bring them to City Hall or Local papers. A bag of Butts is worth a thousand words.

If you
care about your Children, your neighbor's Children, God's or Buddha's Children, Wildlife, Waterways (everyone has the potential of changing the world), let's all stand up and do our part! We are only as good as our last performance. Let's make this one a good one.

Health and Happiness to All.

Barry's Response - Sad, isn't it. Thanks for the update Gerry.

We need a worldwide clean water (clean environment)
pep rally. With this we can encourage EARTH spirit to provide support for the members of our environmental recovery team (Go! Team, Go!). Let's get some excitement happening here. I think we found a leader.

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