by Lori
(Shenandoah Valley, VA, US)

I normally use WeatherBug on my iPhone for getting the local weather forecasts but I have to say, this site really rocks for my day-to-day PC use.

I live in rural VA where, as you may know, the weather can change from a bone chilling zero degrees to 50 in a span of hours. Having up to the minute weather information is ESSENTIAL when leaving in the morning (especially because I work over an hour away from my home) and knowing what car to take is important.

At first I was a little leary about WeatherBug (I heard so many bad things about tracking cookies) that I removed it from my PC and decided to use only online based weather tracking. I feel a little better about using it on the iPhone but only slightly.

Just this week I took a trip to Arizona with my family and I practically lived on this site since the weather there can be just as erratic as it is here in Virginia. At the airport, I was able to log in to this site and check the weather at my stop over location of Minneapolis, MN and found that the temperature was -46 (yes, that’s a negative sign!) and luckily kept my coat handy to brave the walk to the hotel. Leaving 79 degree weather of Arizona for this - fortunately not a surprise …

Barry's Response - Ah yes. The Jet-set weather surprise. It's a good thing to know ahead of time, isn't it Lori. Of course, learning how to understand old-fashioned weather maps might help in some cases, too.

Basically, provides real-time weather info. Users can stay informed about weather conditions in their area with its variety of features. Users need to be aware of privacy concerns and understand how their data is handled.

Search this site for more information now. provides users with weather-related information and services.

It was developed by a company called WeatherBug Technologies in the late 1990s. Originally, the website was built to give users real-time weather data and forecasts, so they could stay informed. has evolved and expanded over the years. It has interactive maps, radar images, severe weather alerts, and extended forecasts. Using this information, users can plan their activities, make informed decisions, and stay prepared for changing weather. has also faced privacy concerns like many online platforms. Some users have asked about how the site collects and uses their data. Online users should be aware of the privacy policies and practices of any service they use and how their information is used.

In terms of features, has a lot to offer. Users can get current weather conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, as well as specific details like wind speed, humidity, and precipitation. You can also get pollen forecasts, air quality reports, and live weather cameras.

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by: satheesh

Weatherbug provided their valuable services. i like these software, and it is simply rocking. They provided day to day updates for local areas. i am very happy to see my area weather details. web widgets, API are also provided by

From Barry - I might recommend Weatherbug if I had more experience with it. I love the idea of how accurate and easy it is to use.

by: Anonymous

I never heard of the Weatherbug before. I should check it out. Seems like there is a lot of detail. I agree that you should check the weather everyday because you don't know what is bound to happen.

From Barry - Any activity requires planning ahead, and the weather can make a big difference. You can prepare for anything mother nature throws your way with the help of Weatherbug. It's also convenient and easy to use.

by: Anonymous

My son had downloaded weatherbug a few years ago and shortly afterward I took it off because the computer was having problems, plus I didn't like the sound it made. Now with better virus protection, I'll try it again. It would be interesting to have it on my taskbar.

I've explored the site and this website is great - very educational and the links load quickly. I'd like to see some printouts that can be used in the classroom that discuss certain topics in depth.

From Barry - This would be great for teachers and students. I'd also like to see more interactive weather and climate activities and will try to find ways to develop some of them. This would be a great way to get kids interested in the environment.

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