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what happens with the air pollution?

by gigi
(San Diego)

A major source of air pollution

A major source of air pollution

well, I have been looking @ a lot of sites for a report that I am doing about the effects on air pollution, and this is cool!

Barry's Response - Thank you Gigi. I hope you're talking about Stuff in the Air in general, as it features a wide range of air pollution research and commentary. Use the box at the bottom of this search page to find out more.

Hopefully I can provide a few shortcuts here while we're talking about it. One thing to start with is to look at the possible causes of air pollution...you know fires, volcanoes, cars, industry and such - https://www.stuffintheair.com/what-causes-air-pollution.html

It has been put forth that air pollution can lead to global warming as well. Some constituents in the atmosphere lead to the trapping of long-wave radiation, the theory goes, and we feel the cumulative effects of this after a while - https://www.stuffintheair.com/air-pollution-cause-global-warming.html

Here are a few links to global warming pictures and comments. As you can see, in modern times, there are a great many connections between air pollution and global warming. - https://www.stuffintheair.com/GlobalWarmingPictures.html

Finally, a good general description of air pollution itself, just so we understand it a bit better. - https://www.stuffintheair.com/AirPolution.html

I hope these help.

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