wind and air

by john doe
(philadelphia, pennsylvania)

The effects of wind

The effects of wind

What instrument do weathermen use to tell the wind and air speed

Barry's Response - The first thing they use is called an anemometer. It usually has four small cups on sticks that catch the wind and spin in a circle, faster with stronger winds. Wind speed is derived from the speed of rotation of this propeller-like device.

A weather vane points the wind and air flow direction. In this way, it acts like a flag.

One other interesting device is the windsock, a conical tube that indicates both wind speed and direction in a qualitative fashion. You may have seen one of these near an airport runway.

See more at near the bottom of under the heading "wind force measurements."

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by: Anonymous

I thought it was to short but very interesting. I did not know about anemometer. It needed more information. I would not go explore more information.

Can I get more details?
by: Anonymous

Good answer but I'd like more details - how do they use this device? Also, can I make one at home for myself and if so, how would I do that?

good information
by: Anonymous

you have a good intention. i am interested in more details on this topic.

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