Christmas time

by patu nani

A little one like this

A little one like this

well i had a science fair this year and i made a Chrismas house with tree lights and mini snowflakes i came out 2nd place in the science fair. I won a trophy i was happy and i would like to thank my family, friends, cousins etc for helping me i couldnt have done it without they help.

Barry's Response - It's when a kid's project turns into a family affair that magic happens. Patu, thanks for your input.

A lot of hard work and dedication must have gone into this project, which was an innovative approach to understanding electricity. It was family, friends, and cousins' support that likely helped you do your best and reach your goal.

Speaking of time, I have now a Youtube page of my music videos I do for fun, called Just Me on Piano. This is one of those songs - Too much Time on my Hands:

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Stuff in the Air website

by Matt B

Wintertime and Snow

Wintertime and Snow

While searching for meteorological data for the Calgary region ...well that makes it sound much more informative and enlightening than my the actual reason for my "lunch hour google search" - truth be know I recently moved to Calgary and will be travelling to Edmonton tomorrow (returning late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning) and as of now have procrastinated & put off swapping my all-season/summer tires for my winter tires; however am starting to revaluate my decision based on Monday's forecast - in particular the 70% POP).

What started out as a quick weather search has lead me throughout your website and wanted to thank you for the info you've shared and hope you continue in the future! In particular I find that the manner in which you write and post info is easy enough for everyone to understand but does not bore someone who has some knowledge in earth and enviro. sciences (as an aside I have Bachelor's degree in biology although have worked in the financial sector for the past 5 years). I just wanted to say thanks again & to let you know that your site has been bookmarked and will be visited again soon.

Barry's Response - Well thanks, Matt. Glad ya 'ppreciate it.

Keep looking for more detailed forecasts for Calgary and Edmonton and figure out whether to switch the tires before leaving or wait until afterwards.

This way of presenting information is to make it accessible to those who are new to the topic and engaging for those who know more. Well-researched and well-written content should make it easy for readers to understand.

I do my best.

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Snow depth report

by Bobby Pine

main street in Oswego NY

main street in Oswego NY

I like to see the depth of the snow and snow storm totals, no one ever reports storm totals or snow cover on the ground.

Barry's Response - I've got a great map for that. It's made by the Canadian government and covers the northern half of the US. It's updated every day at midnight (06 UTC).

I don't know if other countries do this. The numbers represent flat field depths (like airports), and we all know drifts can be much deeper. This could lead to outstanding situations like this one.

Also, snow cover and storm totals can vary a lot based on the type of snow and the location. Due to elevation or other factors, some areas may get more snow than others.

search this site for more information now.

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