Check out Environment Canada's Alberta Map for weather forecasts

You're in Alberta soon so you need some quick weather info.

This Alberta map gives you all the Alberta Canada weather you need.  What do you do with this data?  Click on the map below, then click any community on the Environment Canada Alberta weather page, OR select your town from the lower box.  You can pick another province in the upper box.

There's a current temperature and other info on each city-page, plus forecasts for the next five days.  The top of the page will show current weather warnings in red.  If you have cable or satellite, you can always tune into the Weather Network for their forecasts, usually with video. TWN's forecasts are similar to Environment Canada's, but not identical.

No computer handy, but an ol' telephone or a radio...

How about trying something new?

Alberta has another system for relaying weather info.  Let's start with weather radio.  You'll need special radio equipment to hear these frequencies because they're VHF (very high frequency).  You can also use the phone numbers to listen to recorded weather information in English for each place.  Here's how to find the weather for each of these places.

  1. Bassano weather (SE of Calgary) 162.525 MHz
  2. Banff weather (403) 762-2088
  3. Brooks weather (NW of Medicine Hat ) VDC-816 162.400 MHz
  4. Burmis weather (W of Lethbridge) 162.550 MHz
  5. Calgary weather XLF-339 162.400 MHz (403) 299-7878
  6. Cold Lake weather 162.525 MHz
  7. Cooking Lake weather (SE of Edmonton) 162.475 MHz
  8. Coronation weather (403) 578-2664
  9. Crowsnest weather (W of Pincher Creek) VBX-254 162.550 MHz
  10. Drumheller weather (NE of Calgary) VBX-367 162.550 MHz
  11. Edmonton weather XLM-572 162.400 MHz (780) 468-4940
  12. Cooking Lake weather (E of Edmonton) XOF-962 162.475 MHz
    (780) 462-7120
  13. Edson weather VBU-827 162.400 MHz (780) 723-4070
  14. Fort Chipewyan weather (N of Fort McMurray) 162.550 MHz
  15. Fort McMurray weather CFA-340 162.400 MHz (780) 334-0724
  16. Grande Prairie weather VBA-557 162.400 MHz (780) 539-6631
  17. Highvale weather (W of Edmonton) 162.475 MHz
  18. Holden weather (SE of Edmonton) 162.550 MHz
  19. Jasper weather (780) 852-3185
  20. Lethbridge weather XKA-598 162.400 MHz (403) 382-3068
  21. Lloydminster weather (780) 875-7709
  22. Limestone Mountain weather (W of Red Deer) 162.400 MHz
  23. Long Lake weather (NE of Edmonton) 162.550 MHz
  24. Flagstaff weather (E of Red Deer) 162.400 MHz
  25. Medicine Hat weather VBK-616 162.550 MHz (403) 526-0483
  26. Milk River weather (SE of Lethbridge) 162.400 MHz
  27. Peace River weather VBU-374 162.475 MHz
  28. Red Deer weather VBC-336 162.550 MHz (403) 342-7474
  29. Rocky Mountain House weather (NW of Red Deer) VDA-280 162.400 MHz (403) 845-3183
  30. Slave Lake weather (780) 849-3046
  31. Saint Paul weather 162.400 MHz (780) 645-2015
  32. Two Hills weather (E of Edmonton) 162.525 MHz
  33. Vegreville weather (E of Edmonton) CFB-635 162.550 MHz
  34. Wabamun weather (W of Edmonton) VBU-829 162.475 MHz
  35. Wainwright weather (SW of Lloydminster) CFB-636 162.400 MHz
  36. Whitecourt weather (NW of Edmonton) VBU-828 162.550 MHz

There are also Emergency Public Warning Systems for weather and other hazards.  Disasters like floods, fires, toxic spills, contamination, or terrorism.

It's all part of Canada Weatheradio, a nationwide radio network that provides weather information and alerts.  Environment and Climate Change Canada runs the network, which broadcasts weather information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on VHF-FM radio frequencies.

With Canada Weatheradio, Canadians can stay up-to-date on weather conditions, forecasts, and warnings in real-time. Regular weather reports and severe weather alerts like tornadoes, thunderstorms, and blizzards are broadcast through the system.

Most electronics stores sell a receiver that can receive Weatheradio broadcasts. The receivers are programmed to hear the VHF-FM frequencies used by Canada Weatheradio, and they have a built-in alarm that alerts you when there's severe weather.

Newer smartphones have built-in Weatheradio capabilities that can be activated via a downloadable app in addition to standalone receivers. Newer smartphones have built-in Weatheradio capabilities that can be activated via a downloadable app in addition to standalone receivers. Users can get real-time weather alerts and updates directly on their phones.

Overall, Canada Weatheradio helps Canadians stay safe during severe weather events by keeping them informed about changing weather conditions.

Check this link for more about the Environment Canada weather warning page. Do you use any of these technologies for your weather?

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Straight out of the Alberta map

This Songwriter - Moe Berg, and this musician (me).

Like it? There are many more on the Youtube channel I created. And now for the weather ...

Have you ever heard of an Alberta Clipper

It may deposit moderate to great amounts of snow as far away as the Eastern Seaboard, despite originating somewhere on the Alberta map.  After it crosses the BC mountains, one of these storms usually starts off as a fresh descendant of an aging Pacific storm.  These kinds of systems are characterized by their speed, wind speeds, and sudden temperature drops.  Usually, it's gone  before it drops any rain or snow in Alberta.

Alberta and weather are almost synonymous.  Check out this Environment Canada article if you care about air quality in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

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Here's how to use Environment Canada's weather forecast

Get the latest weather forecast for your town with this Alberta map from Environment Canada.

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