by shyan smith
(new york)

Potential problem

Potential problem

okay instead of not believing that this is gonna happen, you should at least help.

its stupid that you think "god" created globle warming. everyone around you is causing it..someone thats real.

so help instead of thinking your not the reason that this is happing.

Barry's Response - Wow is right. It's possible that the apocalypse isn't coming yet. Maybe we can all do something about it. It's possible. in the meantime, here are some ways to reduce global warming.

  • Walk, bike, skateboard, anything besides driving (except jet travel)
  • Drive a hybrid or electric car
  • Take things out of and off of your car when you're not using them
  • Keep your tires filled
  • Maintain your vehicle
  • Turn the engine off
  • Drive carefully, efficiently and wisely
  • Carpool
  • Bus
  • Get educated, Be informed, visit relevant websites (like this one)
  • CFL and LED lights
  • Recycle
  • Reuse when possible
  • Support recycling with your purchases
  • Plant more trees
  • Compost
  • Conserve water, especially hot water
  • Insulate, use weather stripping and caulking
  • Let your house be cooler in winter and warmer in summer
  • Replace aging appliances and infrastructure
  • Design walkability into neighbourhoods
  • Discover and use alternative energy sources, including natural gas
  • Use just enough without waste
  • Spin your laundry faster and longer, dry less
  • Use a clothes-line
  • Use fans instead of A/C
  • Microwave as often as you can
  • Get a push mower
  • Take advantage of government environmental incentives
  • Give feedback to politicians and corporations
  • Volunteer for relevant causes
  • Use email and internet whenever possible, videoconference
  • Turn off TV, computer etc. when done
  • Look for businesses with meaningful green products
  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and less packaged and animal products
  • Buy products made or grown locally

Wow! These things will save you (government, business, consumer) money too. Take advantage of it.

Thanks for your comments, Shyan.

Search this site for more information now.

Yes, of course! I'll take care of it.

Here are some other alternatives. I'll start by inventing a giant fan to blow all the CO2 away. I'll personally convince polar bears to wear sunscreen and sunglasses. And of course, I'll relocate all the glaciers.

Hey, I'm just one meteorologist and web developer, so if you can help, that'd be great. Could you teach penguins the Macarena to cool down the planet? How about making volcanoes release confetti instead of harmful gases? Save the world together and have a good laugh!

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Over weight lazy people
by: Anonymous

Aloha Shyan
Very true, to many people sit around either thinking that Mother Nature will heal her self, or somebody else will, one thing is most of us have become over weight lazy people, thinking only of them selves, to many people drive that short distance to the store, rather then getting a little exercise, and leave the car running while they shop to keep it cool, shame on us.

From Barry - Let me add my two cents. Your statement highlights people's lack of environmental consciousness and laziness and self-centeredness. Despite the fact that some people neglect their responsibilities towards the environment, this statement is more of an observation than a scientifically proven fact.

Information with scientific validity has been rigorously tested, analyzed, and supported by substantial empirical evidence. I didn't see any scientific data or claims in your statement. Nonetheless, it does make valid points about the need for individuals to adopt more sustainable behaviors and take personal responsibility for their impact on the environment.

An argument would be stronger if it cited scientific research, reputable scientific organizations, and experts in the field when making claims about the environment. Human activities can have a negative impact on the environment, and they can offer solutions.

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