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Wtf God dont got nothing 2 do with global warming

by Michael
(Louisville, Ky)

And what a view!

And what a view!

We can all help out to stop global warming, if we don't it'll be 2 late....

Barry's Response - Well, we just need to know what to do, or what not to do. We can experiment and simply shut down all human activity for a year just as a trial run to see if that really is the cause of this predicted problem.

Or we can take it in the chin and learn how to adapt to the changes we are seeing. Mankind has never had to resort to THAT before.

Or have we? I think the latter will be the one we do.

The other possibility is that we won't need to. That all global warming observed so far is just a short-term trend whose time is about to end. Or already has.

What do we do then? Go on living our lives, taking care of our environment for other, more real, reasons. Because we can. Because we should. Because we know it is vulnerable.

We know much more about the impacts our activity has on the environment than we ever have in the past. We can provide a fair assessment of how a new development will affect air and water quality amongst other things. Much better than before, and getting better every day.

We can and we do because we care. Thanks, Michael, for letting me air my thoughts.

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