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a good way to stop pollution

Just keep on'a truckin'

Just keep on'a truckin'

if you want to quit all the things you love then go ahead but I don't give a damn about our future so I'm going to drive my wonderful semi truck and pollute this bitch all u. hahaha! Got some shit to say well I don't care we don't have to worry about our air, only the waters we drink.

Barry's Response - Well, have fun with that. The earth will still be here after you're done with it.

Those who are interest can find out how diesel engines affect our air quality. Go ahead. A good way to stop pollution is to understand it better.

Or, search this site for more information now.

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Learning curves on the highway of life
by: KOTO

Yo Dude (see below):

I ran into this post again, realized that I might have been a tad hard on you on my previous post. Please read and listen.

If one has respect for self and others plus being responsible for all of one's own actions (they can be a pilot, garbage truck driver etc.) and Search this site for if they're polluting on the job, they should realize it. They should also do something about it, and keep their jobs.

On some of their off time (for health sake and giving back) one could, "Waster-Size" That is, bend at the "waist" to pick up the "waste" and get rid of both. This can help get rid of one's large truck driver's belly (which many have) and dangers to others.

Start in your neighborhood or at the beach, park, lake, river, "just do it". When one removes dangers from his surroundings, things like plastic garbage, bottle caps and all man made things that can choke hurt a unknowing childor creature or contaminate our waterways. Then one is making progress.

If you do that, then and only then you will be able to reach a balance with Mother Nature and The Powers Above. You will then fill with inner-wealth (which is priceless). No longer will you be a waste of skin. Instead you can stand tall and become a real man with feelings by setting examples, educating others to try and leave only examples, smiles and footprints behind.

Reach out young man, the clock is ticking but you still have time,and now is the only time there is. May the force be with you.

KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

by: Tawny

I'm guessing you are a dude. You need to watch your mouth sir :) I understand your view on global warming but semi-trucks play a part in global warming because it causes pollutants to go in the air. Have a great day sir :)

by: KOTO

It is people like you that will end up in hell, if there is one, or on your death bed with regret when you realize your past uncaring outlook. Too Late!

Not thinking about helpless children, wildlife and our natural waterways, only thinking of your profit and self enjoyment and willing to boast about it? I'm quite sure you also smoke and toss your toxic butts into our highways, that then wash or blow into our storm drains and into our natural water supply. Some of these take a dozen years to decompose, potentially with very detrimental effects.

Yes you're a real piece of work! Sounds like you don't have children or don't care about their future, just yours. We all get what we give. Keep your eyes open; you might see another road to truck on. Good luck! Your outlook sucks, but you can change.

YO, Leave only temporary marks (e.g., footprints) behind, it's not all about you, Dude.

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