air and noise pollution control

by yoan
(miami, florida)

Example of noise

Example of noise

What about air and noise pollution control? What are the health effects and issues that are caused by noise pollution on the human body?

Barry's Response - Yoan:

Most people think of ears only - even when doing noise assessments in the course of my work, that is generally the only concern. However my research has found that things like blood pressure can also be affected.

Have a look at this:

One thing we do not like about urban life is noise. It seems to come from everywhere - speakers, industry, planes and other vehicles as well as construction.

At 80 decibels or greater, more than 8 hours a day noise results in increased tension and it even affects breathing. After that we may suffer hearing loss and tiredness and other health effects. It gets even worse at higher levels.

When dealing with air and noise pollution control, we can't forget the effects of noise-related stress either:

Hope these help.

Malaysia is a very noisy country because of the Muslims - In Malaysia, the Malays account for 99% of the noise pollution in residential areas where peace and quiet is paramount. These inconsiderate people yell through loudspeakers from their mosque from morning to night, as late as 11.30 pm (I am not making this up).

I am pretty sure the same can be said for any Islamic country. I hear these Islamic indoctrinators that now infest non-Islamic countries are also trying to force other people to give in to their unreasonable demands in regards to this issue.

Ask yourselves? Who else yells so loudly with such frequency everyday, disturbing everyone else from activities that demand peace and quiet such as studying or sleeping/napping? The one else! Only these arrogant, loud and fanatical people.

Search this site for more information now.

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Noise pollution
by: Anonymous

Are their identities that can measure a private companies noise-sound levels and testify in a court setting available for hire in Miami? I need their help in Puerto Rico with a bar that is so loud it causes our glasses to vibrate in the closets and they refuse to cooperate.

by: Civilian

Noise pollution is also a harmful thing that we humans easily neglect, even when we are fighting against other pollutions like water, air etc. Sound pollution can lead to so many health issues and it easily affects the old ages and the babies.

Noise pollution in our daily lives
by: sonica

Noise pollution is a serious health hazard affecting lot of people across the world. When we speak of noise pollution, we think of factories, traffic, airplanes etc, but I think noise pollution is prevalent even in our home. You should check the level of noise from your TV set, radio or music system. When we are enjoying the sound, there are others who find the same noise troublesome. So lower down the volume, whenever you have some electronic equipment at full blast.

I liked the article posted here, and the informatin is thought provoking, making me look for more material on this site. You can help people by giving tips on how to curb noise pollution

High Blood Presure
by: Ange

I think this is a valubale website. My parents live near an airport and have high blood presure problem. I did not know this could be caused by noise pollution. I would like to see more about health problems ans noise pollution and if there is anything that can be done about it besides moving.

Constant noise does lead to fatigue
by: Christine

I agree that noise pollution is more than just about sounds that hurt your ear. When I used to work in a factory, the constant drumming of the machines actually increased our fatigue - it was like our bodies were on alert listening to the sounds. When they finally gave us earphones, our productivity actually improved!

It'd be great if you could post some more information about successful ways to combat different types of noise pollution.

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