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air pollution dispersion modeling

by Elahm



I am an Environmental Engineer and I am very interested in modeling the Air Pollution (NOx, SOx, CO,...) which is caused by the fossil fuel power plants. I know that there are many softewares like disper and screen but they are not free to download. I would be so appreciative if you provide me any information for the air pollution modelling and guide me how I can find appropriate softewares which are free to download.


Barry's Response - Free download: good air quality models. What?

Yes, the US Environmental Protection Agency has made several regulatory models available for many years now. Look over the list at


And see the lists of models for varying purposes. In fact I don't even know what most of them are for, but I am most experienced with CALPUFF, RTDM, ISC-PRIME (under alternate models), and SCREEN3. An industrial modeller will need to use BPIP, also available here for free.

Most of them come with manuals, executables and source code for editing if you so desire. It's a playland for scientific types.

Here is some explanation I have provided for distinguishing amongst SOME of these models: search this site for CALPUFF, AERMOD & ISC

More on the introductory SCREEN3 model below.

search this site for more information now.

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by: Stephin

Hi Elahm! You are doing a great job by creating such a useful venture to reduce the air pollution in our environment. For that you have to take a huge effort as you said here. I don’t know how much it works. But I guess it will be a huge success in the future.

hello please help
by: elham

dear sir or madam
thank you for your good advice and information ,Iam an environmental engineering in major (land use assessment),and I have to say Im working on my project for master degree ,and I used screen 3 because it is free ,but now I want to use Airmod although, that is expensive ,can you suggest me how can use Airmod just for one time to obtain output for my project?
elham mojaver

Barry's Response - Yeah, sure. Just go visit the US Environment Protection Agency at https://www.epa.gov/scram/air-quality-dispersion-modeling-preferred-and-recommended-models

free model to use
by: ruchi

I want free model to incorprate my SOx and NOx values. Instead of this i am having meteorological data, direction as well as wind speed, temp,humidity presssure.aND I am not able to decide that which model i have to choose for prediction of values.

Barry's Response - Start with Screen3


It requires no input meteorological or terrain data and can be used for a crude estimate in a few minutes.

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