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Air pressure measurements

by Ruby

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

I need air pressure measurements. Can you find the barometric measurements in a specific city on this website? if you could, could you find past measurements?

Barry's Response - Hi Ruby:

Stuffintheair.com contains links to a variety of government websites where current, and probably past, weather observations, including pressure, are presented. This is instead of reporting those values directly.

Major US weather reporting websites include:



Weather Channel


Good Long term precipitation forecasts - Dryday

Really Cool one - Weather Underground

Even more cool - Weatherspark

Of these, NWS is most likely to offer archive data and air pressure measurements for you. I know how to get it on the Canadian federal website (because that's where I live), but have never looked for it in the States.

Search this site for more information now.

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Good Information
by: Catherine

The response to this question is informative and helpful. It supplies several different websites to go to in order to find the information.

nice question
by: sri

i think the answers will give you what you ask.It is quite interesting too.

I look forward to looking at this website again
by: Vi

However, at present, the website needs a lot of work. I visited many of the pages and the problems are all the same. The pictures are too small, low quality and not arresting. The layout could be improved to that there would be less white space and the pages will look more attractive. As it is, the text is overwhelmed by the white space. The sans serif fonts do not look authoritative. The fonts used for the radio buttons are not clear. The title of the website is badly designed, the words run together and ungrammatical. It should be StuffintheAir.com, with In and The not capitalized. Even the captcha button is not attractive and can be easily cracked by a machine.

If I were to search, I would like updated weather bulletins of various cities and countries.

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