Air pressure measurements

by Ruby

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

I need air pressure measurements. Can you find the barometric measurements in a specific city on this website? if you could, could you find past measurements?

Barry's Response - Hi Ruby: contains links to a variety of government websites where current, and probably past, weather observations, including pressure, are presented. This is instead of reporting those values directly.

Major US weather reporting websites include:


Weather Channel

Good Long term precipitation forecasts - Dryday

Really Cool one - Weather Underground

Even more cool - Weatherspark

Of these, NWS is most likely to offer archive data and air pressure measurements for you. I know how to get it on the Canadian federal website (because that's where I live), but have never looked for it in the States.

More detail on websites where you can find current and historical atmospheric pressure measurements:

- National Weather Service (NWS): The NWS website ( provides weather information for various locations throughout the country, including current and historical atmospheric pressure readings. To access the data, you can search for a specific city or region.

- Weather Underground: Weather Underground ( provides a wealth of weather information, including barometric pressure measurements. It is possible to search for a specific city or use the interactive map to find the desired location and view the pressure data.

- World Weather Online ( provides current and historical weather data for cities around the world. The barometric pressure readings for a particular city can be accessed by searching for that city.

- The Weather Channel's is a popular online weather resource. Various cities and regions are provided with current weather conditions, including atmospheric pressure. To find the information you are seeking, you can search for a specific location.

Weather Network website, follow these general steps:

1- Go to and click on "Weather" or type in the city name.

2- After you've selected the city, you'll typically see the current weather. Find a tab or option that lets you view historical weather data. You might see "Past 24 Hours," "Historical Data," etc.

3- In the historical data section, you can select a specific date or range of dates for which you want to retrieve barometric pressure data. You can search by days, weeks, months, or years on the interface.

4- When you select a date range, the website should display a summary or detailed view of historical weather data, including barometric pressure readings for each day.

The exact steps and terminology may vary on The Weather Network website. I recommend checking out the site and its features, or checking out their help/documentation section if you need help finding specific historical barometric pressure data.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in the United States provides a weather map that is particularly useful for viewing recent isobars.

A map on the NWS website shows isobar lines, which represent areas with equal atmospheric pressure. This allows you to quickly and easy compare pressures for nearby cities. Follow these steps to access the NWS weather map with isobars:

- is the website of the National Weather Service.

- There should be a search bar or a map on the homepage. Enter your desired location in the search bar or go straight to the map.

- On the map, look for an option to display "Surface Observations" or "Surface Analysis." This usually lets you see isobars.

- If you want to see atmospheric pressure lines, enable the "isobars" layer. You'll see the latest isobars for the chosen region on the map.

The NWS website may have slightly different locations and terminology. Explore the site's features or check out the help/documentation section for more info.

Data availability and depth may vary depending on the location and website you select. To locate the desired barometric pressure measurements for your city of interest, we recommend exploring these resources and navigating their interfaces.

Search this site for more information now.

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Good Information
by: Catherine

The response to this question is informative and helpful. It supplies several different websites to go to in order to find the information.

nice question
by: sri

i think the answers will give you what you ask.It is quite interesting too.

I look forward to looking at this website again
by: Vi

However, at present, the website needs a lot of work. I visited many of the pages and the problems are all the same. The pictures are too small, low quality and not arresting. The layout could be improved to that there would be less white space and the pages will look more attractive. As it is, the text is overwhelmed by the white space. The sans serif fonts do not look authoritative. The fonts used for the radio buttons are not clear. The title of the website is badly designed, the words run together and ungrammatical. It should be, with In and The not capitalized. Even the captcha button is not attractive and can be easily cracked by a machine.

If I were to search, I would like updated weather bulletins of various cities and countries.

From Barry - Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback. It's important to have an engaging and visually appealing interface, so we appreciate your insight. We're always improving the site and making it easier to use.

Regarding the pictures, we'll definitely take your comments into consideration and try to provide better, more captivating visuals. The layout will be optimized to minimize white space and make it more attractive.

Regarding font choices, we'll explore options that convey authority while still being readable. Thanks for pointing out the title! We'll review and address it.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the captcha button. We'll improve its looks and security to make it better.

Last but not least, we're committed to helping you find accurate and timely weather information for a variety of cities and countries. To meet your expectations, we're always improving our weather reporting.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback. Thanks for helping us improve and deliver a better experience. Please let us know if you have any more suggestions or questions. Have fun watching the weather!

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