Air Quality Dispersion Models

by Prasanna
(Kolhapur, India)

Gaussian Air Quality Model

Gaussian Air Quality Model

Do you know where I can find air quality dispersion models? an environmental engineering student,looking for some data about air pollution modeling & simulation.

Barry's Response - Go to the USA government website scroll down to ISC PRIME - the model I used for many years, and download the code and the manual. Get to know how to use it. This is good for a variety of source types.

Most of my modelling these days is done with AERMOD - a more current one, and CALPUFF when its use is justified. Both of these models are available from the same EPA website. Visit this page instead -

Introductory air quality modelling

For simple flare or other single-source input, download the screen3 model and

This may be the one for your project here. Have fun with it.

There is plenty of detail in the manuals for these models. Not always the easiest read, though, but worth it. Hope these help...


Search this site for more information now.

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by: steverik

Hi Prasanna, I am an environmental engineer now working as a trainee in a government company. As a trainee I am forced to collect the information regard the air quality dispersion model. And I have not even got any information regarding this topic. If you can help please send e the details of this topic.

by: Anonymous

I'm looking for a free version of AERMOD software. Is there a free version? please write it's link here

Barry's Response - Get the latest version from the US government on this page:

Free version of AERMOD
by: Anonymous

From anonymous comment:
" You can download a fully functional version of BREEZE AERMOD from now it is FREE. "

Now (VIII.2012) free version of Aermod is unavailable. If someone have this free version - please write link to install file, or how to contact.

Thank You in advance !

FREE AERMOD Dispersion Model with GUI
by: Anonymous

You can download a fully functional version of BREEZE AERMOD from It is a great system used by modelers from government, academia, and industry all around the globe. And now it is FREE. More info. on the AERMOD model is available here:

Very short article
by: Amit

Hi,the article is very short,please submit more details.Hopefully you will get the answer soon.

What about its features?

a)First impression: At first sight I thought it would be consists of more technical specification and features of the model but there is very little info about the model on the specified page.

b)How interesting was it: It was not much interesting as it has very little information about the model and no interesting stuff was there on it.

c)Would you like to explore any more of the site? :
I would be exploring this site for some more stuff which can add to my technical knowledge as the site has many other technical topics.

d)What would you like to find on this site if you were to search? I would like to search some stuff about electronics and communication devices.

Where's the info?
by: B. Burton

a) First impression: I thought this would be a longer article with more technical data when I first looked at the page.

b) How interesting was it: It only told me where someone else said someone could find information on air quality dispersion models. It was not that interesting.

c) Would you like to explore any more of the site? Maybe. I might have been more inclined if a different page was presented to me first.

d) What would you like to find on this site if you were to search? Local air quality, how I could find out the air quality, more about satellites, and maybe also some kid friendly information.

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